12.2hh, Grey, Dartmoor Pony

Rescued as a 4 year old, as nobody wanted him

he is now 26 years old and enjoys doing walkouts and rides as a lead horse.


Lucky (Lucky Jackman)

13.1hh, Grey, New Forest Pony

Bought from someones back garden orginally for Anna's twin boys. He is a firm favourite with everyone and takes all levels of smaller riders.


13.2hh, Piebald, Cob x

Lavender was bought last year as a 5 year old from a private home, she has just started to be ridden by some of our younger less experienced riders, but is great fun for our advanced riders and loves to jump!



Molly (Barcoed Moelana)

15hh, Grey, Connemara

Rescued after being at a Show Jumping yard and her not enjoying it. Molly is a more experienced ride but does also take younger riders on walkouts.


Nutkin (Fritham Nutkin)

14hh, Bay, New Forest Pony

Nutkin is privately owned and is on full loan to us. He loves to jump and is great at teaching our younger riders. He is one of our more forward going ponies and is enjoyed by adults and children.

Red (Yewtree Three Colours Red)

13.3, Chestnut, New Forest Pony

Red is privately owned and on full loan to us, he is one of our older members of the team and teaches lots of our younger riders how to ride but also loves to jump. His best friend is Lucky and they are often seen playing in the field together.


14.3hh, Bay, Cob X

Tilly has been with us since she was 2 years old! She is a firm faveourite with all of the staff. She takes all levels of rider and really teaches you how to ride!